Contracting With Medicare Millennials!


Frequently Asked Questions About Contracting 

  1. How To Get A Medicare Advantage Carrier Release

Agents should start the contracting with any carrier that is not already with another upline, then follow the release guidelines for the rest using the Carrier Specific Release Guidelines here

***It is always best to request all releases from current uplines prior to or towards the beginning of the contracting process, as this will speed things up significantly. Normally you will want to ask for a release from the “Top of Hierarchy”, not necessarily from the direct upline***

  1. What is best way for agents to verify whether or not he is appointed already?

Call each carrier directly and ask them if you are currently appointed. 

NOTE: The carrier is the only one who can verify this information, other than his direct upline. 

  1. Do agents still need a release if they were appointed with a carrier in the past but have not recently placed business or recertified?

A release is always the easiest way forward, however each carrier provides their own guidelines so call each carrier to ask if you are appointed and then check the rules using the Carrier Specific Release Guidelines here

  1. If an agent is “Ready To Sell” with carriers during AEP, when can they transfer their contracts over to us?

If an agent is already contracted and ready to sell during the “Blackout Period” during AEP, they can go ahead and request releases but will not be able to begin moving contracts until AFTER January 1st. However if an agent is not currently appointed they can begin contracting during AEP.

  1. Which carriers should an agent select to be contracted with?

-Medicare Advantage – You will always want to contract with the Anthem, United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, and Cigna. Depending on where you will sell, you may also need other carriers. You can check to find a list of available plans in your area, or you can email Kenny & Ethan at to get help choosing other carriers.

-Final Expense – You will always want to contract with Royal Neighbors of America, Mutual of Omaha, Aetna/Accendo, Prosperity, and Americo. We do not recommend you take on any additional carriers than that unless you have a unique circumstance.

-Medicare Supplement – You will always want to contract with Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, New Era, Amerigroup, Cigna and Americo/Great Southern Life

  1. What will my contract levels be?

– Medicare Advantage – Every agent receives street level commissions for Medicare Advantage sales. This can vary by state but for most states its $539 for a “New to Medicare” sale and $270 for a plan transfer.

-Final Expense & Medicare Supplement – This will vary depending on experience level, please email Kenny & Ethan PRIOR to contracting to determine you commission levels.

***Before moving forward, email Kenny & Ethan verifying you have thoroughly read the Frequently asked questions, and then move forward to the contracting link.

Who to contact for questions about contracting: 

Medicare Advantage Questions – Email Julie Davis at for questions about MA contracting

Final Expense and Medicare Supplement Questions – Email Nancy Morgan at for questions about final expense and Medicare Supplement contracting.

***Note: Do not contact Kenny or Ethan about contracting questions, use the contact info above for those inquiries.

Begin Contracting Here:

Click here to begin the contracting process.

The link above will walk you through contracting for BOTH Medicare *AND* final expense.