Join Our Team

Welcome! If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the Medicare Millennials Channel to learn about our philosophy and system. If you’ve seen any of our content on YouTube or Instagram, you most likely have an idea what we are all about and are here to learn MORE. While we may not be the right fit for everyone, I believe we offer a robust and unique suite of resources for agents and agencies of ALL sizes.

Our ultimate goal is to help agents on their journey to building a large, successful book of business, and to connect them with the resources, training, and mentorship needed to become a top agent or agency owner. In today’s world, we know that it’s not easy to find a partnership that helps you do that. We understand that this journey is different for everyone, and we want you to know exactly what the benefits of partnering with us will look like 🙂

  • Community Of Agents: It is critical that as you enter the insurance space, you surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are in pursuit of the same goals, facing similar challenges, and exercising the same level of commitment as you in order to achieve success. By joining our team, you will be plugged into our GroupMe chat group where you will find just that. You will have the ability to share, chat, and exchange ideas with agents across the country on a daily basis. You may be building an independent insurance business, but you SHOULDN’T have to do it alone.
  • Ownership Of Your Business: It is important to note that in the insurance industry, it is very common for an upline to recruit you to their organization and NEVER even mention that your commissions are “assigned” to them. This means each policy you sell is owned in perpetuity not by you, but by you’re upline. Rest assured, if you work with us, your commissions and renewals are OWNED by you and you alone, and you will always receive street level commissions.
  • Lead Programs: As an independent agent, you are always free to generate and/or purchase your own leads in any manner you see fit. In fact, it’s important to learn what different types marketing options are out there. With that being said, as a NEW agent we are firm believers that an affordable, consistent lead source is the first step to finding success. We offer in-house, exclusive, and affordable leads to our agents. If you choose to participate, we also offer a discounted lead program. In this program, you pay $25 fixed cost per direct mail lead, and receive a $75 per SALE cash bonus above and beyond your commission!
  • Proven Sales System: What is your goal? Do you want to sell 100, 250, 500+ policies per year? Yeah, me too! In order to get there, you will need a proven system to plug into. Sure, we all have our uniqueness and want to add and take away from a system to make it our own. But ultimately, we ARE NOT here to reinvent the wheel. You need a foundation that is simple and effective, so you can begin to grow your book of business right out of the gates. We have dozens of training videos available to agents to lay that foundation and give you the chassis you need to build a successful business.
  • On-going Training: The industry is always changing, and you are ALWAYS growing. This is why you need on-going training to stay fresh and on top of any industry changes. As mentioned above, one way to do this is by plugging into the GroupMe chat and getting to know other agents across the country. Furthermore, we offer several weekly trainings via Zoom so you can continuously sharpen your tools, as well as a training website with an ever-growing library of training content.
  • Tools Of The Trade: There are several tools you will need access to in order to sell effectively. We offer various quoters for products like Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Final Expense, so you can easily get quotes and product information FAST. As a Medicare agent, you will want access to the brand-new online Quote & Enroll Tool “Sunfire”. We’ve got you covered 🙂 And yes, these tools are all free to you.
  • Broad Suite Of Products: One of the key reasons we believe in being an independent agent is so you can have access to all of the major insurance companies and products that are available on the market. While Ethan and I personally specialize in Medicare, we offer contracts with dozens of companies for Final Expense, Annuities, Hospital Indemnity, Dental, and more.
  • Mentorship: When you partner with our organization, you will gain access to all of the resources discussed above and then some. With this alone, you will be head & shoulders above most agents entering the insurance industry. But if you plan to focus on Medicare, and you want direct access to the Medicare Millennials, we offer a unique mentorship and coaching program to agents who work with us. Now, just like you, we value our time. We will ask you to complete certain steps and uphold your obligations as a new agent in order to access our time. If you do, we will set up regular communication and weekly Q&As for agents who are committed to growing 🙂